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For my LIS 724 class (Media Services and Production), we have been asked to discuss 3 blogs that we enjoy following, or find helpful in our professional development.  Below are my contenders.

Top 3 Library Blogs I Enjoy Following

Stephen’s Lighthouse

Stephen Abram does a great job of pointing his subscribers to relevant content on the web that focuses on trends in libraries and information technology.  I especially enjoy the infographics that he shares, such as this one about why people follow brands.  Stephen also posts many of the slides to presentations or seminars that he gives around the country.  Check out this one on cooperative library strategies.  Stephen updates his blog frequently and multiple times per day, so there is always a multitude of interesting information to sort through.  I have retweeted and recently Google+ed many of his links so far because I find them interesting, quick to read and relevant to our profession.

Librarian by Day

This blog is written by Bobbi L. Newman who talks about digital literacy, the digital divide and using digital technology in the Library.  Bobbi also focuses a lot of her personal research on Transliteracy and the role librarians play in understanding, nurturing and providing for a transliterate society.  One of my favorite features of this blog is when Bobbi recaps her personal favorite “Top 10 Links” that she shared on Twitter for the week.  This is a good way for me to understand major topics and trends that affected “libraryworld” for the week to make sure that I am staying up to date on current issues of the profession.

David Lee King

David Lee King focus on emerging trends in the library setting. He isn’t afraid to try new technology and then blog about it so we can see what worked and didn’t work, like when he described his attempt at giving a PowerPoint presentation with his iPad.  He also does a great job of reviewing conferences he attends and/or pulling out key pieces of information from lectures, presentations or articles/books he is reading.  One other thing I find particularly appealing about David Lee King is his professional informality.  The blog posts are easy to read/skim quickly while being incredibly informative.  He also seems like a very approachable person to contact with questions or comments as he provides numerous ways to connect with him via the internet like e-mail and even skype!

What are your favorite librarian/technology blogs to follow?

  1. Thank you for the recommendation!

    • Thank you for delivering such valuable content. Hopefully our professional paths cross one day!

    • Chris B.
    • July 20th, 2011

    All 3 of these look interesting. I like this assignment because I always find some useful gems.

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