Reading Socially–UPDATE!

A few days ago, I logged on to Twitter and tried to search the hashtag #borndig to see all of the passages I had tweeted via my Kindle.  Well, I discovered that none of my passages had been tweeted becuase my account was not linked up correctly.  I appologize for anyone who has been trying to read along with me only to discover that I’ve been quite silent on the Twittosphere!  I have finally connected my accounts correctly and plan to start tweeting my way through Born Digital using the hashtag #borndig.

Please feel free to follow me @allisonmennella and the #borndig and if you are reading the book on your own device, feel free to use the hashtag as well.  Also, if you want to shoot me some comments about the book, questions the book has raised for your, or any other “discussion points” feel free to do so via Twitter, this blog or any other Social medium that works best for you.

Basically in my final paper, I want to draw some conclusions about the ideas of Social Reading:

1.  Is Social Reading easy/doable.  Is this something people want to engage in

2.  Is Social Reading better online or offline

3.  What have I gained from Reading Socially that I don’t gain “reading alone.”

You participation–even if it is just one or two tweets–is a vital element to my paper, so I thank each and every person who participates in advance.

I appologize for the technical difficulties getting started, but hope that I can gather some interesting data for my paper in the next week or two.

Happy #reading

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