Research Paper–Proposal: Social Reading

For my research paper, I plan on looking at the concept of “Social Reading.” I am looking for answers to several questions (in no particular order)

1. Do eReaders, such as the Kindle, create a more, less, equal to or just plain different social experience than physical and old fashioned monthly book clubs?
–To explore this beyond the written research available, I plan on visiting a boom club meeting at a local bookshop in my city. I want to compare that scenario to my experience reading a popular book on the Kindle and discussing that via and other online portals.

2. How do social networking sites like GetGlue and Good Reads enhance the social experience of reading?
— For this, I plan on creating and monitoring accounts of my own for more insight to the question.
3. What is the history of reading as a social activity as opposed to a solitary enjoyment (the rise of book club for example)?

Here are some articles I have found to get me started:


If anyone has any other ideas or suggestions for additional questions I could ask please let me know!

    • Michael
    • March 6th, 2011

    Great choice. I’ve been thinking and doing some writing about this as well. I think it’s one of the most fascinating parts of e-reading.

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