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My name is Allison (Alli) Mennella, and after this class, I will be halfway done with the LIS program!  I am focusing primarily on reference and one day aspire to work in an academic setting as a reference librarian (focusing on library user instruction). It is my goal to work with other librarians/library students to redesign the idea of “reference” and make it more “2.0” (maybe even “3.0”??) for users.  Some avenues I am currently exploring include:  finding a space for librarians on Quora.com, organizing an industry chat on Twitter for librarians/library students, and holding a “tweet up” for tweeting/blogging librarians in the Chicgoland area.  If anyone is interested in these ideas please let me know as I would love to have someone to bounce ideas around with!

In my professional life, I work for a Library in the West Suburbs  in the Community Services Department as well as Ettractions.com, a website that provides valuable visitor information to travelers as well as advertising opportunities to local businesses in the major cities throughout the United States and Canada.  I was hired on to manage their Digital Media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare currently).  I love this job not only because I am able to explore ways to use marketing techniques via social networking sites (aka…play on Facebook and Twitter during the day), but I get to do all that from the comfort of my own apartment!  There is something to be said about being able to telecommute for your job J

In my spare time I enjoy running, and I just completed my first ½ marathon in August (the Rock and Roll ½ Marathon in Chicago).  I also recently joined CrossFit of Naperville and have found the workouts to be incredibly intense and rewarding at the same time.  Finally, I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend and friends from my undergraduate College (Augustana College), going to downtown Naperville or Chicago.  Oh, and I am a humongous Chicago Bulls fan. Derrick Rose is my hero.

    • Elizabeth Flannery
    • January 16th, 2011

    I just signed up for the Soldier Field Ten Mile run this May! I hope that will prepare me for doing the Chicago Marathon come October. Are you thinking about doing the Chicago Marathon this year after completing the half marathon??

  1. I haven’t heard of the Soldier Field Ten Mile Run–I’ll have to check it out because I am a huge Chicago sports fan myself. I don’t think I will be doing the full marathon this year–I think I need a bit more training and a better playlist on my iPod!

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